Gluten, Wheat & Dairy Free, Coeliac breakfasts at Windermere B & B guest house


Experience gained over the last 12 years at St John's Lodge lakes B & B in Windermere has confirmed to the owners how important "peace of mind" can be for customers with individual dietary requirements. Their caring attitude was best summed up by Sue, who is also a qualified nurse and works at the local Windermere GP Practice

"We have a very good friend who has coeliac disease. We understand the problems associated with gluten, wheat and dairy free diets. Cross contamination can be a major issue if gluten free food is not handled in the correct manner. Fortunately we have a professional kitchen with enough space for separate preparation areas, toasters etc. Because all our food, apart from gluten free sausage, is home made on our Windermere premises, we know exactly what goes in to it. The Gluten-free Food and Drink Directory has become our bible. We source only quality ingredients from reputable companies".

It is important to stress from a coeliac point of view that the owners of this Lake District guest house, appreciate the importance of cross contamination issues.  Simply offering gluten free sausage on the hotel breakfast menu does not guarantee that the food has been stored, cooked and served in the correct manner.  Guests staying at St John's Lodge, Windermere B & B can however, rest safe in the knowledge that all the staff are fully aware of the problems associated with coeliac disease.  Furthermore they fully understand the need to keep all gluten and wheat free products entirely seperate from all other food items at every stage in the catering process.

St John's Lodge Windermere guest house, has also been approved by the Vegetarian Society because the standards and guidlines for vegetarian catering are strictly adhered to.  So coeliac vegetarians and vegans can again rest assured that all the wheat free and gluten free ingedients have been carefully chosen.

So if you are looking for good value deals, visit St John's Lodge in Windermere.  Oh and by the way don't bother bringing your own Gluten free bread because Barry makes his own (as well as gluten free biscuits) and they are absolutely delicious.

Coeliacs needn't worry about eating out in the area.  There are a number of local restaurants which serve gluten free food.  Many of them recommended by Coeliac customers. St John's Lodge can also provide a list of restaurants to their customers.

From time to time Barry receives calls from Coeliacs staying in other B & Bs in Windermere asking if they can have breakfast at St John's.  Breakfast is only available to guests staying at St John's Lodge.